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“Wakesurfing” consists of surfing the wave created by the boat without being linked to it with a rope. The boat creates its own special wave, similar to those that surfers ride on the sea.Wakesurfers glide on the wave just like normal surfers do. The difference is that when you are wakesurfing is like gliding on a constant and never-ending wave.

Even though the popularity of wakesurfing is relatively recent as a watersport, it is actually the oldest sport done behind a boat.

Many people have tried wakesurfing with normal surfboards or with wide wakeboards.The easiest and most efficient is to use a board specially made for wakesurfing. There are two categories of wakesurfing boards: the skimboard and the conventional style board. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.The wakesurfer has to choose the appropriate one for his level of experience. The skimboard is easier to maneuver and get up on. The more experienced will be able to do spins or shove-its.

The main inconvenience is that the boat has to come back if the wakesurfer falls. The conventional style board is harder to manoeuver and do spins on. If the wakesurfer falls or is far from the wave he can swim back (the boat still has to stop).